Images of Blacks in SF are rare, so when they do turn up, it is important to share them. Here is a great example. Moonlight Films was a small production company from the UK that produced several films in the early 1990's. "Black Sci-Fi", produced and directed by Terrence Francis was their fourth film. It profiles African American SF writers, Samuel R. Delany, Octavia E. Butler, Steven Barnes, Mike Sargent and Star Trek icon, Nichelle Nichols.

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Astro-Blackness 2: 12-13 March 2015, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

Invisible Universe welcomes the return of Jason Scott Jones!

Many years ago, when I began the Invisible Universe documentary, I asked my friend, multimedia producer, art director, animator, editor and illustrator, Jason Scott Jones if he would design a logo for the project. The result, the mysterious “Moonface” that the project has been utilizing ever since. I recently asked Jason to come back on the project to do some new graphic design for it as we move into post-production. I’ve recently seen some of the rough designs and all I can say is folks are going to really love them. Stay tuned for the big introduction and in the meantime check out some of Jason’s work here: Jason Scott Jones