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    Planet Deep South

    tbaJackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi


    The Planning Committee of Planet Deep South invites you to attend the 2016 Planet Deep South Colloquium: Speculative Cultural Production and Africanisms in the American Black South. This conference will be held on the campus of Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, Wednesday, February 24th – Friday, February 26th, 2016.

    Planet Deep South is an interdisciplinary colloquium open to all scholars, artists, and students that explore the intellectual and creative expression of African people through a series of panel discussions designed to inspire the inquiry of southern Black cultural production through a historical and speculative lens. Through an Afro-futuristic outlook, thinkers, writers, musicians and artists envision a Pan African world that is diverse yet specific; imagined, yet real, grounded yet unlimited, extending beyond region, space, and time.

    For additional information or if you have any questions regarding the conference, visit: http://www.jsums.edu/hamerinstitute/planet-deep-south/

    Or feel free to contact: cofo.center@jsums.edu or ssum28@gmail.com.